Recent achievements

Be inspired by the various recent realizations of Willem's garden rooms & verandas.

Sleek steel look

Do you prefer a sleek look? Then you will undoubtedly find yourself in our steellook collection. Within this range we use our new aluminum profiles that deliver top performances in terms of insulation and durability.

A steel-look garden room is an ideal match for both classic homes and modern architecture. The sleek design provides an appropriate living extension for every architectural or interior style.

For this project, our customers wanted to continue the clean lines of the house in the garden room. The flat roof and the elegant profiles make this happen: the added divisions on the windows give it extra character.

An extra living space between house and garden

The owners of this villa in Knokke wanted a light-filled extension of their home to experience the outdoor feeling in every season. This garden room perfectly translates their wishes: it has become a comfortable living space, both for relaxing and dining.

Together we opted for two fully glazed walls with sleek window profiles. The new construction seamlessly connects to the existing exterior wall. This way the atmosphere of the house is fully extended into the living veranda.

A flat roof completes the picture. The roof construction guarantees optimal insulation and easy integration of lighting , with a modern look and glass dome for extra light.

No pool without a pool house

This family in Merelbeke chose to build a beautiful outdoor swimming pool. But something was missing. A space to quickly walk in and out, also with wet swimwear, and to enjoy the poolside in the evening.

In response to that question, we realized this pool house. The outbuilding offers a cozy lounge area, adaptable to any outside temperature thanks to the large sliding windows. At the same time, it is just a practical place where everyone can change.

The pool house has been given a modern look, matching the garden and pool: a sleek finish, a flat roof and recessed spotlights inside and outside.

A garden room with pergola: open, but sheltered

Enjoying your terrace to the fullest is not easy in Belgium. Fortunately, there are tailor-made solutions for this: a garden room, or a pergola, or just both.

We built a multifunctional covered terrace on this house. Depending on the season, weather or time, residents can choose the covered terrace or the garden room. The large sliding windows offer even more flexibility.

Thanks to the smart choice of materials and colors, the garden room and the pergola form a whole and yet two separate, cozy spaces.

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