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Recent achievements

From terrarium to a spacious new home for komodo dragons in Pairi Daiza

Pairi Daiza
Expertise for demanding residents

In the Kingdom of Ganesha in Pairi Daiza there are majestic rice fields that gently wave in the wind, banana trees and exotic flowers that bloom under the caress of the sun, ... And there, near the Tiger Temple and the Bath of the Sacred Elephants, among other things, you will recently find a brand new home for the Komodo Dragons.

The Pairi Daiza team wanted to realize a new home for their Komodo dragons. To meet the very specific needs of these exceptional animals (the right amount of light, warmth, humidity level, ...) the expertise of Willems garden rooms and verandas was called in. We are proud that Pairi Daiza chose Willems for this project and that we were able to bring it to a successful conclusion. You can admire the result and the residents for yourself in the animal park!

A house for Alpha, Bravo en Charlie

The komodo dragon is the largest lizard in the world. It can be up to 3.5 meters long and weigh more than 100 kg. This species was not discovered until the early twentieth century. Its terrifying appearance, long forked tongue, powerful claws, and the gait of a prehistoric reptile have earned it its nickname "dragon" ... although he does not spit fire! In Pairi Daiza live 3 komodo dragons: Alpha, Bravo and Charlie.

De uitdaging

Until recently, the 3 lizards lived in a terrarium in ship Mersus Emergo in Pairi Daiza. In the spring of 2018, however, the keepers thought it was time for a larger enclosure. In just a few days, we built a veritable veranda for Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. This was a tough challenge:

  • The veranda consists of two compartments with a total surface area of 70 m² and offers enough room for 3 meter long komodo dragons

  • High-quality materials and insulating glass guarantee safety for humans and animals.

  • In a preliminary study, we calculated the right orientation, amount of daylight, insulation, humidity level, ... to create the perfect living conditions for the lizards

  • The assembly of the veranda project on site took only 5 working days, in order to minimize the disruption of Pairi Daiza's operations


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