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From enjoying to living fully!

The veranda as the perfect solution

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Due to the multitude of possible materials, colors, type of glazing and sun blinds you will always get a unique veranda, finished to the size of your home and according to your wishes.

A porch, solid and contemporary

The veranda has been the established part of our range for more than 37 years. Pure craftsmanship guarantees a rock-solid product that meets today's living standards.

An average veranda has large windows on all sides and a sloping glass roof.

Contemporary classic

A veranda is classic and contemporary at the same time. The concept has been around for a long time, but over the years we have continued to innovate to provide a modern look and a top-class comfort experience. Today, more and more people are opting for a full-fledged residential extension to fulfill their veranda dream.

A residential extension: the best of both worlds!

A residential extension can take on different styles and is always a transparent space that incorporates a lot of glass at Willems veranda. Today, a residential extension is the best option when you want to generate extra space and added value to your existing home. By using different materials you can obtain a seamless connection with the existing house. 

A veranda as a guarantee to enjoy life more.

The added value in a veranda or a residential extension is many. So are the application possibilities, according to architects. There is a type of veranda or extension for every house, regardless of its function, location or orientation.

Because the materials today are unlimited, all kinds of styles for verandas and home extensions can be realized. Whether your house is young or has a very old history is of no importance today.

The high quality of a Willems verandas.

A durable structure that brings natural light right into the heart of the house is a porch! The veranda is also the perfect start for those who want to expand even more drastically, without too much breaking and cutting! Thanks to the innovative approach of Willems veranda, today's applications are larger and more spacious in terms of experience!  These high quality constructions are becoming more and more full-fledged residential extensions today. Today, Willems veranda extensions are fully-fledged, contemporary realizations that easily pass the strictest European standards.

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37 years of experience and craftsmanship

This does not go unnoticed. Thanks to the accumulated knowledge and thousands of realizations, Willems Verandas is increasingly gaining the trust of people who are looking for a better and qualitative lifestyle. 

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37 years of sustainable realizations

Everything stands and falls with quality. If the materials are of the best quality, the basis for a lasting relationship of trust has already been laid. 

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37 years of wanting to be the best.

Thanks to a team of more than 250 professionally trained employees, we can call ourselves specialists in the field.

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37 years of the customer speaking.

Each realization is custom made and unique in its kind. Thanks to a team of designers and experts, we realize your dream project!

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