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Pool house and pool enclosure

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A pool house to suit your needs.

Pool houses are always tailor-made. From stand-alone outbuildings to attached multifunctional spaces. A pool house fits every pool, regardless of the available space. As a result, there is always a solution for your garden and pool. 

Dankzij een poolhouse wordt een zwembad gemiddeld 200%  meer gebruikt per jaar dan zonder poolhouse. Naast het comfort en het gemak alles in handbereik te hebben, nodigt een poolhouse tevens uit tot gezellige avonden onder vrienden en familie.

A pool enclosure

A full-size pool enclosure looks beautiful, protects your pool and allows you to enjoy the pool all year round.

Bathing in any type of weather.

Weather or no weather? You never have to skip another day to bathe or swim laps. Even out of the water, you continue to enjoy an adjustable microclimate as desired!


A pool enclosure!

When a pool enclosure is tackled large enough you have both an enclosure, a pool house and a garden room all in one. Fun, passion and relaxation under one roof!

A pool house: a lasting vacation feeling in your garden

A Willems pool house is so much more than that small outbuilding next to your pool. You'll enjoy an extra seating area where you can find refreshment when the sun gets too hot. The kids can walk in and out of the pool house with their wet outfits on. When the evening gets a little cooler, a pool house offers the necessary shelter, but especially many pleasant moments!

Swimming fun guaranteed in every season

With a pool enclosure, you can swim blissfully all year round. And when you build the enclosure around the pool a little larger, you can immediately enjoy an extra seating area, a cozy bar or a near-open-air sauna.


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37 years of experience and craftsmanship

This does not go unnoticed. Thanks to the accumulated knowledge and thousands of realizations, Willems Veranda's is increasingly gaining the trust of people who are looking for a better and qualitative lifestyle. 

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37 years of sustainable realizations

Everything stands and falls with quality. If the materials are of the best quality, the basis for a lasting relationship of trust has already been laid. 



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37 years of wanting to be the best.

Thanks to a team of more than 250 professionally trained employees, we can call ourselves specialists in the field.

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37 years of the customer speaking.

Each realization is custom made and unique in its kind. Thanks to a team of designers and experts, we realize your dream project!

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