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A pergola.

We only get to experience our own garden in the open air for a few months every year. But with a pergola from Willems Verandas you can easily extend this experience. We also design pergolas with integrated wind and shade screens, which will shield you from the wind or sun if necessary, without sacrificing any comfort.

High quality and treated wood slats on the side of the pergola as a wind and sun screen. When the weather permits, they can be rolled up and put away in a few seconds. This also allows you to enjoy a completely open pergola. 

A pergola does not always have to stand alone. Today, many customers choose to additionally integrate a pergola to their home additions.

All styles can be realized. When a pergola is linked to a home extension or veranda, it is a win-win situation for the customer. Both visually and financially, the customer benefits from this. 

A real success formula is the pergola with glass roof cut-out. This allows the pergola and the house to continue to enjoy optimal natural light.

A pergola significantly extends the vacation feeling.

People have been building pergolas for a long time to protect themselves from the intense radiation of the midday sun. The beauty of a pergola is that it allows one to continue to enjoy the open air. There is no better way to relax or take a nap.

Today, our team of experts designs pergolas that meet the ever-increasing demands of customers. Because a pergola is much more than just a shade roof over your head.


The contemporary pergola: a feat of sophistication and durability.

Anyone who wants to install a pergola today can choose from a wide range of styles, possibilities and options at Willems verandas. With or without glass roof, windbreaks, half-open or integrated pergolas for residential extensions. The goal is and remains to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible, without having to compromise on comfort.

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37 years of experience and craftsmanship

This does not go unnoticed. Thanks to the accumulated knowledge and thousands of realizations, Willems veranda's is increasingly gaining the trust of people who are looking for a better and qualitative lifestyle. 

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37 years of sustainable realizations

Everything stands and falls with quality. If the materials are of the best quality, the basis for a lasting relationship of trust has already been laid. 

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37 years of wanting to be the best.

Thanks to a team of more than 250 professionally trained employees, we can call ourselves specialists in the field.

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37 years of the customer speaking.

Each realization is custom made and unique in its kind. Thanks to a team of designers and experts, we realize your dream project!

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