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A hospitality extension

Treat your customers to only the best on the market!

The customer is always right!

Not only what is served on the plate deserves the best quality. At Willems verandas we have long had the know-how to design and build durable structures so that the customer can enjoy his or her visit to a Horeca establishment as comfortably as possible.

Today there are strict legal European standards regarding thermal regulation, which we comply with and realize as a standard in our own production divisions. As a result, one enjoys 365 days of investment!

By making everything ourselves, we retain 100% quality control over a project. After all, any type of extension is an investment for life!

Hospitality applications
Expertise is priceless!

A thoughtful approach is the best approach if you want to realize a project for life. The more clever people together, the better the solution and the more beautiful the end result!

At Willems veranda's we always work with different teams of experts and professionals. At Willems veranda's, we can rely on more than 250 solid people in the business.

Therefore, let yourself be assisted by these seasoned professionals who always have the best solution for all your questions and wishes.


To measure is to know!

Many problems are overcome and solved in proper consultation. Each realisation of Willems verandas is a unique project in itself. There are no two identical projects in our wide range of more than 22,000 realizations since our foundation more than 37 years ago. And this thanks to our professional knowledge!

A team of designers

An in-house team of specialized designers who correctly apply current laws and ever-changing regulations.

Your dream project

You never realize a dream project alone, or it remains only a dream. For more than 37 years we have made it our business to give shape to the dreams and wishes of our customers.

A fixed point of contact

Transparency and consultation go hand in hand at Willems verandas. Site supervision ensures that each phase has the approval of the customer.

Your house is sacred

Seasoned placers who have an eye for disturbing the daily order as little as possible. 

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