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Amidst the greenery!

A garden room or winter garden?

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A garden room, the perfect location to start the day.

Garden rooms come in all styles and shapes: neo-classical, romantic, industrial or contemporary. Always with attention to optimal insulation standards for winter and with thermo-regulating glass for summer.

A garden room is so much more than a glass extension of a house. Many customers consciously choose a garden room as a solution for their passion. This passion can range from green thumb to retreating in peace to read or write.

A garden room guarantees enjoyment. Garden rooms from Willems verandas are designed and built to last a lifetime. A perfect place to give your passion the shape it deserves.

An orangery, so much more than just a winter garden.

In the past, a winter garden or orangery was the only way to overwinter exotic plants, but nowadays an orangery offers so much more: first and foremost, a nice living space for yourself, but also for your plants that can thrive optimally because of it.


An orangery is a garden room that exudes history. It is not just a winter garden, but a full-fledged extension with a typical look. High-quality materials ensure that today one does not have to compromise on comfort.

An orangery with a long history.

The origins of the orangery date back to the Renaissance. Explorers took exotic plants with them from their distant journeys, whereas the climatic conditions in Europe were far from ideal for keeping these plants alive during the cold winters.

Small glass greenhouses were then artificially heated to obtain the ideal temperature. These growing spaces soon evolved into meeting and relaxation areas. This is how the contemporary orangery, garden room and living veranda were born.

The contemporary orangery: a piece of engineering excellence.

Those who want to build an orangery today will have a range of possible technological gadgets: automatic ventilation & heating systems, artificial lighting. But for some, it's just a cozy living space with a beautiful view of the garden.

Whether you choose an orangery, garden room or living veranda, you make such an investment for life. So leave nothing to chance.


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37 years of experience and craftsmanship

This does not go unnoticed. Thanks to the accumulated knowledge and thousands of realizations, Willems Veranda's is increasingly gaining the trust of people who are looking for a better and qualitative lifestyle. 

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37 years of sustainable realizations

Everything stands and falls with quality. If the materials are of the best quality, the basis for a lasting relationship of trust has already been laid. 



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37 years of wanting to be the best.

Thanks to a team of more than 250 employees trained in the field, we can call ourselves specialists in the field.

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37 years of the customer speaking.

Each realization is custom made and unique in its kind. Thanks to a team of designers and experts, we realize your dream project!

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