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Willems Veranda

Willem's Veranda

Willems verandas was founded in 1984 and has since grown into the largest veranda builder in Belgium. Today we employ more than 250 employees with the Group Willems. In 1997 we realized 460 verandas per year, now there are more than 1,400 per year.

The daily management of Willems verandas is in the hands of founder Luc Willems. Together with a team of knowledge employees, he works daily on innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship with a clear vision of the evolution of the company.

Development and innovation in veranda construction

A sense of innovation is high on the agenda in the ever-evolving veranda market. All developments in the veranda market are closely monitored. Detecting opportunities and responding quickly to them is a daily occurrence at William's porches.

Willems Plan

Your wishes, our profession

Whether it's a porch, pergola or home extension, it's always an investment for life!


Your ideas come to life with us. A team of designers will bring your dream project to life on plan. A detailed preliminary design gives you a good idea of what you can expect at Willems verandas. In consultation with you a final plan will be made to realize your dream project.

Also, in all transparency, an offer will be made in proportion to your budgetary wishes. Your questions and wishes are our first concern for Willems veranda's in order to provide an appropriate answer.

Craftmanship Willems


Good preparation invariably results in smooth delivery!

Once the necessary permits and notifications have been obtained, we start with a goal-oriented approach to realization. You will not find any unnecessary fuss or broken site conditions with us. 

Each phase of execution is discussed with you beforehand in order to guarantee an optimal delivery of a top product.

Vakmanschap Willems

Why Willems garden rooms & verandas?

As a veranda builder, we have invested in the future. Now, more than 37 years later, we can draw on an impressively large number of completed projects and knowledge gained. There is no other company in Belgium that has this expertise. This position makes us the market leader in terms of realization, innovation and price-quality

Our employees, trained in the profession, are all important links in a successful story. We are happy to extend this story of craftsmanship to our projects. 

Our market position gives us access to the best materials at the most competitive price. This is to the advantage of all of us. You never pay too much for the best quality.

The strictest European standards are today the standard in our own production process. 

In addition to our pride in more than 22,000 realizations, we also pay the necessary attention to the customer. We love creativity and never forget that we are creating a dream for you for life. We also like challenges and tackle them with the necessary expertise. We love satisfied customers and like to give them a forum ...  Because customers help us to grow.

Your veranda, perfectly executed with a smooth after-sales service

Whatever project we carry out at Willems conservatories, the concern for perfect execution and smooth after-sales service always take precedence. We respect your budget and the stipulated deadlines.

Experience and know how in veranda construction

Whether you choose a veranda, a pergola or a swimming pool enclosure: you will make such an investment for life. It is therefore important to leave nothing to chance and to choose a veranda builder with experience and know-how. At Willems verandas we offer you that experience and know-how.

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